Migrating Zimbra calendar into Exchange.

  • Based on our fourth generation migration technology
  • Re-creates recurrence patterns
  • Re-books resources
  • Process runs server-to-server not client side
  • Less expensive option to re-propose all meetings but not respond – leaving this to the end user post-completion WITH the guest lists intact
  • Allows mapping between Zimbra and Exchange IDs
  • Full UNDO capability
  • Handles Contacts and Tasks as well

We have two options:

A full-state migration where we read the Zimbra database directly, re-creating meetings on Exchange as though you had been using Outlook and Exchange all along.

Or a faster, simpler migration into Office 365 for $499 per server.  If you can migrate your Zimbra email to Office 365 it’s just as simple to take your calendars and contacts, server-to-server without user intervention or time-consuming client-side methods.

If interested, contact us.