Double-Booked resources are a big problem with Enterprise Exchange installations.

While Outlook and Exchange warn you of conflicts at booking time, it is easy for this information to get lost, outdated, or simply never acted upon.

Being focused on server-side Exchange solutions, we have a couple of  options.

For the DIY among you

We offer a FREE PowerShell script to report on double bookings – open source, under the MIT license.  It’s available for download here.  It’s a text file, you’ll need to rename it as a .PS1 to execute in PowerShell. Look to our blog for additional information.

For the enterprise

We have a cmdlet (here in ZIP with the documentation — you will need to contact us for a key) that does everything the free version does, and a whole lot more:

  • Reports double booked meetings.
  • Sends email notification to each meeting organizer about those upcoming conflicts and ask them to resolve the conflict.
  • Removes conflicts by cancelling conflicting meeting occurrences that Exchange allowed (even though there was already an existing meeting booked for that room/date/time.)
  • Preferentially keep conflicting bookings for company VIPs, and,
  • Designed to receive piped input from Exchange PowerShell cmdlets.

For instance for the following conflict in Room 222:

Both meeting organizers can automatically be notified by the cmdlet:

You can think of the basic functions it offers as:

  1. You guys work it out. aka Alert both (all) parties
  2. The early bird gets the room. aka First one to have booked wins
  3. Rank has its privileges. aka VIPs win. (Unless there’s two of them then see 1.)

Feel free to contact us for information.